Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Orchid Fairy House ~ Julie McLaughlin

"The whimsical architecture offers 2 peaked rooves, covered with TWO types of MOSSES, twisty VINE and sided with pretty SYCAMORE BARK. A whimsical CERAMIC MUSHROOM CHIMNEY sprouts from the roof. The larger windows have bumpy TWIG GRIDS while smaller windows are JEWELED. Polished AGATE slice STAIRS with GNARLY VINE RAILING lead up to the darling HAND-PAINTED DOOR which is embellished with SPARKLY JEWELRY and hardware. (coordinating with the home's tiny window decor!) Around the back is a tiny weathered PICKET FENCE section and a beautiful jeweled WINDCHIME hanging by the window. Additional florals, realistic faux MUSHROOMS and BERRIES bring this miniature structure's details to life. THIS HOME IS LIGHTED and looks quite enchanting as the light spills from all of the window openings. A protective coat of polyurethane has been added for protection AND to enhance the bark/twig surfaces."

"I did not set out with a particular scale in mind when I designed this, but would guess that it is about 1/24th scale. It measures appx. 13" all around, INCLUDING the round footed base, but not protruding florals. Technically, it is not really a dollhouse since the inside is NOT accessible but it is HOLLOW. Doors and windows do not actually open."

"This home would look great in a GARDEN or PORCH, however, I would not expose it to harsh weather and would keep it in a protected area for a longer life. The included low-watt bulb with long cord is not rated for outdoors, but could EASILY be replaced through an access hole."

~ Julie McLaughlin

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  1. Love all the magical Fairy houses trhat you post from all these great artists.
    They make me dream like when I was a child.
    Some months ago I did a Fairies' forest roombox and when I see your post I have desires to do another "magic scene"....because I think that it was the roombox that I had more fun doing it!!!

  2. I think these houses are really nice but dont use pink and stuff they dont really like those sorta colours.

  3. Your fairy houses are fantastic. Makes me want to write.