Friday, August 7, 2009

Lothlorie-Inn ~ Monica Valentine-Lee

"Okay, here she is! The Sugar Fairy’s Bed & Breakfast called Lothlorie-Inn. The purveyors of Lothlorie-Inn are Sugar Faes, and how do I know this?"

"True story: I was setting up some of the stuff in their kitchen and pulling out what food I would be using for the scene, and then my entire house was permeated by the smell of baking brownies or chocolate chip cookies. I wasn’t baking anything at all though! Yep, I had a Fae encounter, and they were quite clear about who was waiting to inhabit the house. In fact, they were super excited for me to hurry up and finish it! Needless to say, this house will never belong to me but, that’s just fine by me. Always happy to oblige the Fae folk!"

"The Sugar Fae are also fine makers of Fairy Berry Wine whose berries grow wild only in certain areas of the Enchanted Forest. Sweet and intoxicating as they may be, Fairy Berries are poisonous to humans and should never be eaten by us. However, the Fae Folk come from all over the world to stay at Lothlorie-Inn just to drink their fine wine and eat their yummy food."

"Lothlorie-Inn was inspired by many things. Middle Earth’s Lothloriein where the Magical Elves dwell, Rivendale another Elf dwelling in Middle Earth; A Mid Summers Night Dream by William Shakespeare, and most of all my imagination."

"The House itself was finished in paper clay and stucco on it’s exterior, paper clay flooring on the 1st floor, and on the floors above there are a couple of different kinds of strip wood and skinny sticks.In the garden right in front of the house are hundreds of flowers encased in a paper clay stone retaining wall.Each stone was hand made of course."

~ Monica Valentine-Lee

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