Friday, November 6, 2009

144th Scale Woodshire Fairy Dwelling ~ Pat Carlson

"Usually, the Fairies of the Woodshire live in simple nests ... sometimes in the trees of the enchanted forest or in the hollows of fragrant leaves on the ground, or in a cozy cave upon a hillside. But if the Dreamweaver sends a sleeping fairy a dream of living in a cottage it is then their destiny to build that cottage. Only natural resources of the realm may be used, so the Fairy must wander the forests and fields of the realm, gathering the wood and stones they will need to complete their dwelling, no matter how long it takes. Once completed, the Dreamweaver grants them Peace, and the Fairy can cease wandering and live happily in their dwelling."

"The Fairies of the Woodshire Realm often say...
May the Peace of the Dreamweaver always be with you. "

"The outside of the Cottage is landscaped with pretty flowers and bushes, and there is a lovely garden on the rooftop with a birdbath at its center. A tiny rendition of 'The Tree of Life' decorates the front door."

"Inside, the main room of the house holds a comfy chair in front of the fireplace and side table with a stack of tiny books. A basket of berries centers the table in the dining room, and the large windows bring welcome light into the cozy home. Upstairs is a comfy bed, and a writing desk with paper and very tiny quill pen sits under the little window."

~ Pat Carlson


  1. Inspirational work Pat, how do you work soooooooooooooo small? I love all the detail you manage to get into your tiny pieces, fabulous!