Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Edger Allen Poe ~ Pat Benedict

"In honor of Edger Allen Poe's 160th Anniversary of his death October 7, 1849, I created this 12" miniature tree named Nevermore. Poe, the Ravens and skulls are all hand sculpted and painted by me, Halloween artist Pat Benedict. I also created a small Cognac bottle and three red roses in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Poe Toasters."

"Since 1949, on the night of the anniversary of Poe's birth, a mysterious stranger has entered this cemetery and left as tribute a partial bottle of cognac and three roses on Poe's grave. The identity of the stranger, referred to affectionately as the Poe Toaster, is unknown. The significance of cognac is uncertain as it does not feature in Poe's works as would, for example, amontillado. The presumption for the three roses is that it represents the three persons whose remains are beneath the monument: Poe, his mother-in-law (Maria Clemm) and his wife Virginia. The 3-cent stamp was issued in 1949, the one-hundredth anniversary of Poe's death. The portrait was based on the engraving by F. T. Stuart."

~ Pat Benedict

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  1. I'm so Happy you posted my little Poe tree on your wonderful blog!
    THANK YOU!!!
    Have a spooktacular creative week!!
    Bugs & Hisses

  2. Dear Patty,
    It's always a pleasure to showcase your minis on the blog ... :)

  3. So good, I'm sure that he would have loved it