Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Pink Fairy House ~ Julie McLaughlin

"This enchanting fairy home is made from SOLID WOOD with TUDOR style architecture and CARVED WOOD architectural accents. (the GLENCROFT model dollhouse was used but altered). A deep SALMON PINK "stucco" was applied to the exterior walls with TWIG TRIM. Realistic SILK FLORAL GREENERY in dreamy, colorful tones envelop the structure and accessories. Faux MUSHROOMS, realistically painted, sprout from the ground with SNAPDRAGONS, SWEET PEA VINE and DAHLIAS towering over the edges and climbing up the grass THATCHED ROOF. The STONE CHIMNEY was mortared by hand; each pebble meticulously placed. ANTIQUE wooden FINIALS top the chimney and one gable. Sparkly VINTAGE JEWELRY findings decorate the chimney, door and other areas. The ARCHED front DOOR is CARVED WOOD with a darling WINDOW BOX to the right, planted with tiny florals and BABY MUSHROOMS. This home is intricately detailed on all four sides with many touches to be discovered!"

"The 2 STORY, 4 ROOM plastered/painted interior is a vibrant yellow setting off the decor. A dreamy CARVED WOOD RAILING adds a fantasy feel to the STAIRCASE. Ceilings have WOODEN BEAMS to add to the Old World look. The first floor has actual WOOD PLANK FLOORS while the upstairs is floored in fantasy design and painted paper. WINDOW SEATS in bedroom and livingroom. TWO FIREPLACES with battery operated LOGS add a touch of twinkling light to the bedroom and living room. The rest of the house is FULLY LIGHTED (not shown) by concealed lights near the ceilings which give off an enchanting glow!"

~ Julie McLaughlin

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  1. This is truely darling created with so much love for the fairies! What a great find ! Thanks so much for Sharing Sumaiya!

  2. :D ... Julie sent me links to her latest house ... I think you might like that one too ...

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  4. JEANNE ILLENYESeptember 27, 2013 at 10:37 PM

    OMG! This is SOOOO adorable!!! The detail is amazing, and I especially love the floral lamps and leaf chairs and a bed of flowers! Precious! Such talent! I'd love to see it illuminated with the fireplaces and enchanting glow! Exquisite!