Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bramblemyr Cottage ~ Melissa Chaple

Enchanting "Bramblemyr Cottage" was designed and constructed by an experienced miniaturist using all new materials enhanced by natural dried flowers, mosses and grasses. This English cottage is a tribute to summers spent in Oxfordshire meadows. A fairy house is an unusual challenge--a small house in one inch scale as if built by fae folk in a big world using natural elements.

The house and gardens were designed for display of OOAK sculpted fairies who are usually not articulated, caught in a single pose. Therefore, the single room medieval construction of each floor offers plenty of room for display of your special collection against a stunning, earthy backdrop of natural flowers and mosses. Perfect for photo storyboarding. The furniture (window seats, benches, bed, wide chair) was designed to be broad enough for kneeling and/or reclining fairies to be posed effectively. Rooms offer plenty of display space for your collection.

To view more creations by Melissa Chaple, visit her website The Enchanted Woodland Faery Dollhouse Co. at

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